Manage and develop hiking and touristic activities of your territory


Application for administrators

Capturing and updating of cartographic and descriptive data

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Geotrek rando

All audiences website

Enhancement of heritage, hiking, events and activities

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Geotrek mobile

Mobile Application

Smartphone and tablet accessibility, online and offline mode, Android and iOS

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Geotrek admin

Application for administrators

Functional modules and efficient management with sections as common reference

Business application offering GIS features, Geotrek-Admin allows to draw and manage linear hikings, with sections and topological networks.

Through its functional modules and thanks to dynamic segmentation, it is possible to enrich the Geotrek database with safety, POI, roadworks object types… and inform of tourist activities of territory such as open air activities, festivals, exhibitions, accommodations…

Incorporating of tourist information systems and geographical data importing - exporting is possible.

  • Connections with T.I.S
  • Data import / export
  • Dynamic segmentation
  • Altimeter calculations


All audiences website

A true digital topo guide for your users

Trial version

Website dedicated to general public, Geotrek‑Rando allows the promotion of the territory thanks to publication of information entered by Geotrek-Admin. This platform highlights all touristic information as well as local tourism stakeholders.

Through a targeted search, the user finds all the information on hikes, outdoor activities, heritage, events, accommodations, restaurants ...…

With itinerancy capabilities, the Web portal facilitates the preparation of a hike in the best conditions: advice, descriptive texts, illustrations, Topoguides.

  • Itinerancy
  • 3d representation of paths
  • Social sharing
  • A platform in line with your brand image

Geotrek mobile

An offline app

Find your way and explore the territory

Trial version

Geotrek-Mobile, with its intuitive and user-friendly interface gives access to all field territory informations, offline or online.

For families as well as for athletes, it proposes filtering itinaries according to user location and various criterias (duration, difficulty, ascent…). Additional features are also available like GPS alerts, itineraries visialization (departures and arrivals, path, POI…) on a dynamic map, etc.

Available on Android and iOS, this mobile application gets a lot of Geotrek‑Rando data.

  • Online / offline mode
  • Interactive trail
  • GPS alert
  • Android and iOS

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An Open Source philosophy

A free software

Geotrek is a free software which source code is available on Github. The issues and contributions of the community are subject to rigorous reviews. The application suite benefits of a regular maintenance which guarantees a set of high-quality tools.

Everyone can modify it

Geotrek is well documented and released under free BSD licence. It can be installed and modified by its user without depending on any provider. The potential benefits shall concerns the development, data integration, training and maintenance.

And contribute

Independence, collaboration and support, the spirit of free software expresses the wish to make the progress of knowledge accessible to all. The Geotrek therefore is growing every day since its first release.