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Geotrek expands its editorial section

April 2024

In October 2023, the Écrins National Park published a consultation around the “Destination Parc national des Ecrins” project aimed at developing the Rando Ecrins (Geotrek-rando) portal to: 
  • Enrich the editorial section of Geotrek-rando
  • Allow you to build a multi-level, richer and more complete navigation menu
  • il enrichit Simplify, clean and enrich static pages (pre-defined styles, image loading, responsive, content suggestions, linked pages, etc.)

The project specifications were shared on and the consultation was won by Makina Corpus.
🔍 Here is a summary of the developments to help you understand and take control of them.
  • Until now the Geotrek-rando menu was limited to a few static pages on a single level. A published static page was directly displayed in the menu.
  • Since versions 2.104.0 of Geotrek-admin and 3.19.0 of Geotrek-rando which have just been released, it is possible to go further, having distinguished 2 objects: 
    • flatpages which may or may not be associated with a menu item
    • menu items (new object created in the django configuration module) allowing you to manage a 2-level menu composed of links to static pages or to internal or external URLs
  • The work started by removing the responsive grid system when creating a static page. This was complex, generated heavy code and was no longer used since v3 of Geotrek-rando
  • Various small issues with flatpages have also been fixed
  • Management of static pages is simplified, clarified and enriched
    • it is possible to load images directly on the server from the form for creating a static page
    • it is possible to apply pre-defined styles to the content (information block, link button, quote, image alignment, etc.)
    • it is possible to easily integrate blocks of offer suggestions (list of hikes, outdoor sites, content or tourist events) which will be automatically formatted on Geotrek-rando
    • it is possible to create secondary pages which will not be displayed in the menu, but which will be listed at the bottom of the static page to which they are associated
    • The possible hierarchy of pages between them is directly displayed in the list of pages in the form of a tree
  • The menu is managed independently as an object in its own right:  
    • it is possible to create menu items on 2 levels, displayed in the list of menu items in the form of a tree
    • it is possible to associate a menu item with a flatpage
    • it is also possible to associate a menu item with an internal URL (a link to a pre-defined search for example) or external
    • it is possible to associate a pictogram or an image with a menu item to display it in a richer way on Geotrek-rando
⚠️ Please note, it is important to update Geotrek-rando to version 3.19 minimum before updating Geotrek-admin to version 2.104 (or higher) for the compatibility of these developments between the 2 tools.
When updating Geotrek-admin to version 2.104 (or higher), menu items are automatically created from published static pages, and backward compatibility of tools is ensured without you having to intervene on the content. 
However, you can then start to explore these new features, clean and enrich your static pages and evolve the menu of your Geotrek-rando portal!
📗 Documentation :
📷 As a bonus, some captures illustrating these developments: