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Discover trekking in Catalan country

October 2018

Big event : tourism office intercommunal Pyrénées Méditerranée (OTI) and communes communauty Albères-Côte Vermeille-Illibéris will reveal their new Geotrek website, on October, 27th and 28th during the 3rd meeting of Trekking in Pays Catalan.

This website dedicated to nature activites will show the wealthy terrestrian trekking diversity (hiking, mountain byke, biking, riding) in the country… but won’t be limited to it.

Indeed, l’OTI have decided to deploy Geotrek solution to the following activities : trail, diving and nautic activities.

As a reminder, Pyrénées Méditerranée area is an amazing sea and mountain land in the middle of the nature, et includes 3 nature reserves, almost unique in France.

Then Geotrek will allow the hikers to discover this land and its heritage, helped by a real digital guide.

Firstable with the website then thanks to the mobile application available in the coming months.

To answer quickly to this project, l’OTI has requested the society Makina Corpus which has show reactivity and agility to new practices not in the Geotrek product DNA.

Capture d'écran Rando Tourisme Pyrénées Méditerranée

Geotrek and the opendata

June 2018

The Alpes de Hautes-Provence Department has created a Geotrek and Opendata page on its RANDO site. Its showcases the Geotrek tool, the opensource software and the Opendata approach in which the Alpes de Haute-Provence department is involved.

Moreover, the Departement shared on the Open Data Sud website the entire network PDIPR04 (6500 km of trails), the whole signage furniture for trails as well as the hiking trails from

The PNR Haut-Jura in the stores

June 2018

Since the beginning of May 2018, the mobile application “Haut Jura Rando” of the randonature site is available and downloadable for free the platforms:

Google Play :

App Store :

Geotrek at ESPARC

June 2018

The Europarc Congress (ESPARC) was organized in Cangas de Onis in the Asturia. It brought together more than 150 managers of protected natural areas in Spain for three days. It was a great opportunity to introduce the Geotrek application and its positioning in French parks.

Several workshops highlighted the strengths of the Geotrek application: the issues surrounding the sharing of actions in the territories, the role of associations and companies in the management of itineraries and the use of new technologies as a tool for improvement of efficiency. Makina Corpus presented Geotrek under the theme “Management, maintenance and promotion of hiking trails: the experience of National Parks in France”.

The andience brought together park managers, technical officers and specialists in the environmental consulting. The rewarding exchanges showed a strong interest of the Spanish parks for Geotrek.

Read the full article on Makina Corpus’ blog

Geotrek of the National Regional Parks of PACA region

April 2018

The Chemin des Parcs portal offers 1900 km of walks punctuated with 1400 points of interest at the option of 198 different routes. And this through 7 Regional Natural Parks in the PACA region. The pooling offered from the open source application Geotrek appealed for the enhancement of the overall offer of routes in this great territory. Each park has access to the application and enhances the common database, which has facilitated collaboration between the parks.

Read the article (in French):

Geotrek des PNR de PACA

Geotrek 2018 Horizon

January 2018

By 2018, Geotrek accompanies you in all your tourism activities by promoting hiking, heritage, French terroir … We remain close to you!

First feedback on Geotrek 2017 meetings

January 2018

On 19 October 2017, for the second year in a row, the Geotrek Meetings brought together users of this open source application dedicated to the management of the hiking offer.

This rich day of exchanges had provided the opportunity for an overview of new features, as well as feedback on the activity of the community and allowed to identify the development projects of the tool.

Discover Rando tec-tec

October 2017

The National Park of La Reunion has just launched its Geotrek-rando portal:

Discover the National Park and travel to the heart of the “Pitons, circuses and ramparts of the island of La Reunion” World Heritage.

Discover the plateform HAUT-JURA, RANDO & PLEINE NATURE

July 2017

The Regional Nature Park of Haut-Jura launches its new platform, created with Geotrek and dedicated to hiking routes and outdoor activities in the park.

The website highlights hiking and interpretive trails and offers several services such as accommodation, catering spots, etc. The Park innovates by having made the choice to integrate as POI all the signposts present on the routes which has the advantage of guiding the hiker more accuratly. More details are presented on the park’s website.


July 2017

The Departmental Council of the Alpes de Haute-Provence has just launched its new website, realized with Geotrek and dedicated to hiking routes in the department.

This portal is dedicated to five hiking activities: pedestrian, equestrian, mountain bike, bike and trail.

The site currently offers the first fifty hiking routes. The offer will be evolving with the regular introduction of new circuits.

For more information, read the article on Conseil départemental website or read the press release.

See also the portal launch video:

Discover Pilat Rando

July 2017

The Regional Natural Park of Pilat has just launched its portal Geotrek-rando:

It focuses on hiking with 72 circuits online at the moment. But it also contains 2 cycling circuits, 2 mountain bike circuits and 2 equestrian circuits and others will be added soon.

Geotrek at the Mountain Business Summit of Tarbes

July 2017

Makina Corpus has presented the Geotrek application at Mountain Business Summit of Tarbes.

During the 5 July 2017 conference on the challenges and expectations of the connected mountain, it was the opportunity to discuss the role of Geotrek in the management of natural areas through professional features dedicated to professionals, and the enhancement of territorial assets to a wide audience.

Find more details of this first edition on Madeeli website.

Discover Rando Vosges du Nord

July 2017

The Regional Natural Park of the Vosges du Nord has just launched its Geotrek-rando portal:

It was realized in partnership with six Tourism Offices currently displays:

  • 3 languages
  • 44 routes over 700 km + 4 to follow
  • 100 POI
  • 400 photos
  • 15 videos (via the medieval castels’ routes)

It is also used to feed the national IGNrando portal thanks to the API available in Geotrek.

Geotrek Haut-Jura in the IGN Magazine n°86

April 2017

As of now, the Haut-Jura Natural Regional Park uses Geotrek. The IGN goes back on this deployment and states that “Geotrek has gradually became a national reference in terms of management of the hiking offer and is part of a philosophy of sharing”.

The whole article to read on page 13 of IGN magazine n ° 86.

Discover Normandie-Maine destination

April 2017

The Normandie-Maine Regional Nature Park launched at the end of March 2017 its Geotrek-rando portal ( : accommodation, catering spots, key websites, itineraries, events …

By giving access to all the services offered on the territory, the website makes easy the formalities of stays’ and/or visits’ arrangements, and brings down the administrative borders. It then enables the whole tourist’s offer of the Park.

See full press release on the PNR website..

Rando Guadeloupe celebrates its two-year anniversary!

January 2017

Since the launch of the website in December 2014, more than 73,000 visits have been recorded. Most of the Internet users come from Guadeloupe (44%) and Metropolitan France (37%). Thirty-four treks are currently available online, but the site is likely to evolve, both in terms of content and technical options.

New logo, new content, mobile application, translations, partnerships … To learn more about the evolution of the portal, see the article on Guadeloupe National Park website.

Website "Chemins des parcs" and "Rando Grands Causses" has been revamped!

April 2016

PNR PACA and Grands Causses chose Geotrek‑Rando V2 to reinvigorate theirs trek and tourism platforms. This new collaboration with Makina Corpus provides them a better valuation hikes practices and improve the image of their territory.

The Grand Tour des Écrins

March 2016

Geotrek becomes an essential tool for soft multi-day trekking. The Écrins national park uses it within the context of the creation of Grand Tour des Écrins. This website comes with a mobile application, available on Android and iOS. Eco-tourist routes of Grand Tour des Écrins are addressing sportsmen as as famlies. Six multi-day treks are actually available on the website to discover the protected spaces of the highest Alpes du Sud massifs, in addition of more than one hundred of treks already available on Rando Ecrins, dedicated to daily trekking in the national park.

The National Parc of Cévennes and its new touristic platform

February 2016

The National Park of Cévennes officially announced the release of its touristic platform. Geotrek‑Rando V2 new design enhances accessibility of the entire Park offer (outdoor activities, heritage, events, accommodations, restaurants,…).

Happy New Year 2016!

January 2016

The community and Makina Corpus Geotrek team wish you a very Happy New Year 2016. Get ready for adventure and discovery with Geotrek!

bonne année